Wall Sconces Guide-Brighten Your Decor With These 29 Wall Sconce Fixture

If you find that your house lacks a bit of life, it may be because its lighting is not suitable. To create a warm atmosphere in every room of the house, the sconce fixture is the ideal choice of lighting. Installing a sconce not only illuminates but also decorates a room by creating a soft atmosphere. Living room, bedroom, bathroom... it can be used in any room of the house.

Wall Sconces

To enhance your interior and create a warm and cozy atmosphere, opt for an original and modern sconce. The latest trend is to decorate a wall or a corner of your room while providing soft and subdued lighting.

What is a sconce?

The wall sconce is a wall-mounted luminaire that diffuses localized light, creating an intimate and warm atmosphere. Reading lamp, directional, utility, or mood lighting, the wall sconce is a style that will match your decoration, but above all, your needs! Each wall sconce is intended for a particular use, so it is important to determine the role of your wall sconce in order to choose the right model:

  • What is the function of the wall sconce: mood lighting, directional lighting?
  • Will the wall sconce be used as a single lighting device or as secondary lighting?
  • What type of model will fit the room?

Wall sconces: its different uses 

When thinking about lighting, the wall sconce is not always the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, it illuminates, but so does a ceiling light. True, it provides good secondary lighting, but so does a table lamp. So, indeed, the wall sconce is a versatile luminaire, and here are some of its many uses beyond the classic lighting function.

1.    Wall sconce as a reading light.

Wall Sconce Reading Light

Perfect for bedrooms and reading corners in an office or living room, the wall reading lamp is a space-saving alternative to a table lamp. Above all, the reading lamp is practical. It is often equipped with an integrated switch, sometimes even allowing you to modulate the lighting's intensity at your convenience. Some are equipped with a practical swivel arm. Some models are particularly versatile and can not only be used as a reading light but are also equipped with a USB port to recharge your tablet or smartphone while you are reading...

2.    Wall sconce as a decorative object.

Wall sconce as a decorative object.

Often small and practical, don't neglect the decorative value of a wall sconce, as it offers many different designs and possibilities to decorate your walls without overloading them with frames and posters. It allows you to integrate a modern, vintage, or classic element into your interior and combine the functional with the aesthetic. A wall sconce that is off will certainly decorate a room, but a wall sconce that is on will reveal all its aesthetic potential. Its lighting effects are the ideal solution to brighten up a room.

3.    Wall sconce for paintings.

Wall Sconce For Paintings

This type of wall sconce is also a decorative element. But rather than a decorative object in its own right, it will be used to highlight your paintings or other decorative elements. Indeed, what better than good direct lighting to draw the eye to your favorite decorative item? You will be looking for very classic or even stylish wall sconces because the attention will be drawn to the painting, photo, or object. The wall sconce for paintings is a practical light that can be installed in addition to the main lighting... There are wall sconces in the form of spotlights that can be directed directly towards the board or design LED bars.

4.    Outdoor wall sconce.

Outdoor wall sconce.

The wall sconce is an excellent outdoor luminaire for several reasons. Firstly, the fact that it is fixed to a wall and not placed on the floor makes it less sensitive to the weather. However, choose a sconce with a fairly high Protection Index (PI) because it will remain much more exposed to water and dust than your indoor sconces. Our shop offers very resistant sconces. In addition to its resistance, the outdoor wall sconce does not obstruct the passage. Most of these luminaires have a decorative function.

5.    Large wall sconces for your main lighting.

Large wall sconces for your main lighting.

Well, you don't necessarily think about it, but a sufficiently large and powerful wall sconce will also make a very suitable main light. This solution is ideal for rooms that require diffused light that is less direct than that from a ceiling or pendant lamp, such as a bedroom or small comfortable living room.


Which style for its wall sconce?

As a decorative element in its own right, the wall sconce must be well chosen to achieve the desired atmosphere and style.

  • Metal, steel, aluminum, or plastic are the perfect match for modern or designer interiors and industrial environments.
  • Bronze sconces accentuate the romantic or vintage effect of a room.
  • The wood/metal and wood/fabric combinations blend ideally into a Scandinavian atmosphere.

What are the criteria for choosing a wall sconce?

One of the difficulties in a house lies in the choice of the lighting that you wish to install, as it is an element that must combine utility and decoration. In this section, we look at the different criteria that allow you to choose the right wall scones, those famous lighting devices that create an intimate atmosphere and make your evenings more enjoyable.

1.    Take into account the design of the wall sconce.

That's where it all starts; your wall sconce must match your interior design.

As far as the wall sconces' choice is concerned, it is varied, as the models of these devices oscillate between classic and industrial wall sconces. The choice of the wall sconce must be made taking into account the furniture in the room, in order to have a coherent and, of course, pleasant combination.

2.    The nature of the wall sconce material.

This factor is very similar to the previous one, as the wall sconces' materials are numerous. These can range from wood, ceramic, metal, or glass. However, metallic sconces remain a sure value, especially in interior decoration. However, the current trend in wall sconces is towards wired sconces, which give the room a simple look.

3.    The lighting power.

This is also very important, especially if you choose to use sconces as the main lighting source in the room. For example, to get the right lighting in a 20-meter square room, count two wall sconces of 10 watts each. If you choose to place them in a larger room, you will have to think about adding a different lighting source, such as a floor lamp, for example. However, metallic sconces remain a sure value, especially in interior decoration. However, the current trend in wall sconces is towards wired sconces, which give the room a simple look.

4.    The lighting power.

This is also very important, especially if you choose to use sconces as the main lighting source in the room. For example, to get the right lighting in a 20-meter square room, count two wall sconces of 10 watts each. If you choose to place them in a larger room, you will have to think about adding a different lighting source, such as a floor lamp, for example.

5.    The lighting style.

When opting for wall sconces in your home, you should think about using LED bulbs to save energy. Two styles of lighting are often used for wall sconces, direct or indirect lighting. Direct lighting consists of placing the wall sconce(s) in the center of the room so that the light is diffused throughout the room. Indirect lighting means tilting the wall sconces up or down to provide ambient light. In today's style of decoration, light is used as a decorative element. More and more wall sconces are designed to give your rooms a special look, playing with shadows and shapes.

6.    The sconce's IP classification index.

It is this index that determines where your wall sconce should be placed (indoors or outdoors). For a wall sconce installed in a living room, the IP index must be 20.

A terrace sconce has a higher IP rating, generally between 54 and 65. If you choose a sconce for a bathroom, the IP rating will be of the same order. A high IP rating means a wall sconce that is more resistant to external elements-water, wind, shocks...

What is the ideal height for a wall sconce?

It is often thought - wrongly - that a wall light should always be installed at the height of 2m. However, you should be aware that the shape of the wall lights, whether classic or original, changes the usual heights of the wire outlets. So, in order to know the right height to choose for your wall light, here is a precise note of the possible heights according to the type of wall light.

Classic wall light.

Classic wall lights such as half wall lights should be positioned at 1.80 m or 2 m high. This height varies considerably depending on the ceiling height and the location. However, if your wall light is long and vertical, you will need to position it a little lower, i.e., at about 1.70 m in height, for a better decorative effect.

Bathroom wall lights and reading lights for the bedroom.

  • In the bathroom, place your wall light with direct lighting on either side of the mirror at a distance of about 1.80m.
  • In the bedroom, the reading lights can be fixed between 1 m and 1.20 m high on the wall on each side of the headboard.

The right height for an atypical wall lamp.

The shape of the wall lights has become much more diverse in recent years: there has been a strong return of industrial-style arm lights or the development of highly graphic wall light shapes, making it more difficult to choose the right height. A rule of thumb to follow: take into account the height of the diffuser you want to install? Because these wall lights do not always have a wire outlet aligned with the height of the diffuser.

Height for an atypical wall sconce.

Because the shape of wall sconces has become much more varied in recent years, choosing the right location and ideal height has become complicated. You can trust your intuition and sense of aesthetics. But the principle to be followed is to take into account the height of the sconce you want to install. For example, for safety reasons, a child wall sconce should be positioned at a minimum height of 1.7 meters.

  • For the picture wall, it would be sufficient to first apply the decoration and then determine the wall sconce position according to it.
  • The kitchen wall sconce should be simple to avoid a bulky decoration. It should also be placed at a height high enough to generate enough light for the workspace.
  • For a long arm sconce, you will get a good result by following a height of 1.80 meters in a living room and a height of 1.50 meters in the bedroom with a reading lamp. It is then important to choose the style of the wall sconce before determining where to install it.
  • To illuminate a staircase or corridor, wall sconces are placed at the height of 1.80 meters.


Here are a few tips to brighten up your interior with wall sconces

Wall sconces are the perfect accent lighting. They can be placed in any room of the house: the living room, the corridor, the bathroom, or the kitchen. Here are a few tips to brighten up your home with wall sconces:

  • In the bedroom: The interior wall sconce takes on a functional role when placed at the bed's head. In this case, the luminaire provides light when you are reading before going to bed. However, this installation also allows you to enhance your bed. The wall sconces are also intended for atmospheric lighting and complement the general lighting of the room. Installed in the four corners of the room, they eliminate areas of shadow.
  • In the kitchen: With wall sconces above the worktop, you can prepare your meals in peace and quiet. If you turn your back to the central lighting when facing the worktop, these lights are there to illuminate you while sublimating your furniture.
  • The bathroom: The wall sconces find their place above the mirror and in the corners of the room to illuminate it evenly and make it more user-friendly.
  • The corridor: Installed along the entire length of the corridor, the wall sconces provide uniform lighting. If you have enough space, you can alternate the wall sconces on either side of the walls. Otherwise, it is better to just place them on one side of the wall to avoid overloading.


Bottom line

Wall sconce can be used to create an atmospheric lighting effect. They are very useful luminaires that can meet different lighting needs. Browse our wide range of lighting fixtures with confidence to find your inexpensive wall sconce to embellish your luminous daily life. Now you have all the tools you need to make wise, aesthetic, and stylish choices.

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