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Modern Lighting: What It Is and How It Can Complement Your Style.

By Joseph Tsifoaka November 15, 2020 0 comments

Lighting your home is part of your lifestyle. It helps you concentrate, relax, keep busy, and much more. Living in a comfortable setting starts with the right light. Our lighting experts will help you get inspired. So what is modern lighting, and how can it complement your interior Style? Keep reading if you want to know more about:

  • What characterizes modern lighting?
  • The different modern lighting fixtures and their benefits.
  • How to illuminate your interior with the right modern lighting in the right place, and more!
  • How to find the right modern light fixtures!!

So let us get started!


What is modern lighting?

Modern lighting can be seen as a branch of static design. Remarkable for its simplicity and uncluttered appearance, modern lighting is often also minimalist and age-specific. It was born at the beginning of the 20th century and reached its peak between the 1950s and 1960s. It is, therefore, relatively recent. It was designed to be functional.


What characterizes modern lighting?

When we analyze the thousands of modern lighting available online, we distinguish some typical characteristics.


  • Lots of white: What strikes you immediately is the abundance of white. Modern lighting sometimes needs to be discreet, especially when it comes to a ceiling or wall sconce.


  • Some striking colors: Red, green, blue, yellow... the whole rainbow is represented. The modern lighting lamps are perfect as "eye-catcher." Because every interior needs style!


  • Metal and plastic: For classical or rural styles, wood or fabric is sometimes daring. For modern lighting, everything is focused on metal and plastic, materials that are always very pure.


  • LED: For modern lighting designers, LED is a dream come true. These small diodes take up much less space than conventional halogen spotlights or energy-saving lamps, giving designers much more artistic freedom. The light fixtures become smaller and narrower, making them even more suitable for the modern lifestyle.


  • Less is more: Simplicity and modern lighting go hand in hand. The minimalism guarantees a clean and sober play of lines. This is also one reason why indirect lighting is so often integrated into modern living and dining rooms.


  • Sensitivity to trends: Trends come and go, and modern lighting is very sensitive to them. For example, copper has been trendy for a few years. Then brass So if you are looking for new lighting fixtures, start by looking at our blog to find out about the latest trends.


Which modern lighting fixtures for stylish lighting? Our Tips!

In modern lighting style, Lighting fixtures are not only used to provide light. They are also decorative objects and, like any other piece of furniture, must fit stylishly into the room layout.

Imposing or minimalist, joskat lighting offers lighting fixtures that will fit perfectly into your interior design and become luminous masterpieces. Here you will find unique design pieces for lighting that are sure to become the highlight of your room. At Joskat Lighting, we love modern lamps and all other types of existing lighting fixtures!

Knowing how to decorate a house is also knowing how to play with light. As a mood creator, they contributes to the well-being and conviviality of an interior. Floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, or hanging lamps... It is impossible not to find what you are looking for among the different lighting options available.


However, there are a few factors to consider before purchasing your modern lighting fixtures:

  • Which lamp choices for which room? What function will your lamp have?
  • In which area or angle of the room to place your fixtures, bring style to the room.

We will answer these questions in the next sections!

But let start by talking a little bit about modern lighting fixtures.


A little overview of modern lighting Fixtures, And their Benefits to your Style.

The mix of different types of lighting systematically brings a warmer atmosphere to your interior. Each luminaire has its purpose.


Table lamps

As a rule, table lamps look great and have an extraordinary design, even with the light off. They emit an intimate and soft light most of the time, especially if the fixture's primary function is decorative. On the other hand, the light of a bedside or desk lamp will be more precise and focused since it will be used for reading or working moments, for example.


Floor lamps

Would you like an intimate and warm atmosphere in your home? We recommend that you decorate your home with a beautiful, sophisticated, and designer floor lamp. This type of light is especially suitable for large and spacious living rooms.

With a transparent Floor lamp, the light in your room will be softer and subdued than if you go for an opaque lamp where the light will be more focused and more precise - ideal for reading and working. Moreover, floor Lamps are the hottest trend of the moment!


Ceiling lights

These light fixtures are used for the main lighting and stand out as indispensable. They can be distinguished between direct and indirect ceiling lights.

Recessed ceiling lights are optimal and targeted lighting solutions for work surfaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway.

Lamps with an indirect light beam fill a room with a pleasant and harmonious light. Fix several ceiling lights together, and you will see, this will bring more space and charm to your room.



Pendants are practical and modern light sources.

They light up a room and are simply stunning above a beautiful dining table or a row of pendants lined up along a bar in a kitchen.

For all those who prefer a more glamorous and extravagant style, we advise you to opt for a suspension with lots of crystals, for example.


The sconces

The sconces lights create a warm and intimate atmosphere in every room, as their glow will automatically reflect on the walls in the background.

With direct light and the installation of light spots, you will be able to highlight your furniture or your paintings more prominently.

The scones are perfect either in the living room or in the hallway if you want to save space.

Now that you know the basic modern lighting fixtures, let talk about how you can add style to your interior by placing the right lamp in the right place.


Illuminate your interior with the right modern lighting in the right place!


The dining room

Whether for eating, working, or entertaining, the dining room is the most used room in a home.

For general lighting: Classic recessed ceiling lights with adjustable light distribution spotlights will provide perfect, well-targeted light for places or objects you want to highlight, such as a wine rack.


For direct lighting: Above a dining table, we recommend the installation of pendant lamps. They create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

  • If you have a rectangular table, prefer a lengthwise model or several aligned models.
  • And if your table is round, opt for a low suspension.

For outdoor lighting

  • The wall lights can highlight your artwork or furniture.
  • Floor lamps can beautify unused or empty corners and give more charm to your dining room.
  • And if you prefer table lamps, don't hesitate to display your most beautiful family portraits on a buffet in the light.


The living room

A mix of direct and indirect light works perfectly in the living room. Whether you want to relax, watch TV or be with friends, you are ready for any occasion!

For general lighting:

  • Ceiling lights are ideal for lighting an entire room.

For direct lighting:

  • Table lamps decorate and embellish your sideboards, and with their accent lighting, they visually enlarge the space inside a room.
  • The low Pendants, which is currently a trend, is particularly well expressed above the living room's coffee table.


For mood lighting: Soft, bright, warm, or intimate lights, there are as many different moods as there are types of floor lamps. The floor lamp is no longer simply a floor lamp; it surprises us with original shapes.


The room

To avoid sleep disturbances and to sleep well, we need very low light levels.

  • Indirect light is perfect for peaceful nights.
  • However, the ceiling light is considered to be the most efficient light source for a room with a dressing room.

For general lighting: Opt for a modern pendant lamp placed in the center of the room with a light source powerful enough to bathe the whole room in light.

For outdoor lighting: Have fun with shadows and light effects thanks to sconces mounted on your wall.


The bathroom

Who doesn't want daylight in their bathroom? Well, even bathrooms without windows can get close to natural light.

With strategic and practical lighting and while keeping a relatively soft luminosity, you will be able to transform your bathroom into a pleasant room of relaxation.

  • For general lighting: the ceiling light is the best way to obtain an overall light so that the lady can see clearly when she is putting on makeup, and the gentleman can clearly see when he is shaving. However, please be aware that one LED light alone will not be enough.
  • For mood lighting: If you want to transform your bathroom into a spa, opt for scones that will provide a relaxing and atmospheric light.


The kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house, and it is the place where we spend more and more time. That's why, when it comes to lighting:

  • it is important to consider comfort ;
  • But also of the functional aspect.

For direct lighting, a row of pendants lined up along a bar in a kitchen will be perfect. Choosing an odd number always guarantees a more consistent and aesthetic visual effect.


The corridor

Although it is not a gigantic place, it is still a place of passage, and it can very well become an asset in terms of decoration.

Give it cheerfulness and style by focusing on the lighting!

Ceiling and pendant lights will illuminate every little corner of your corridor.


How to find the right modern lamps: our tips!!

Let yourself be tempted by our modern lamps collection, thanks to our very easy to use online store's search engine.

Our excellent range of modern lamps will undoubtedly contain the chandelier, table lamp, or floor lamp that will perfectly match your interior and personal style.

Our staff will be happy to help you choose the most suitable modern lamps for your needs through our customer service departmen

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